About Lauren

Strength in Body & Mind

Lauren has been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2013. She has always loved helping people and seeing people accomplish their goals. Lauren was born in the Bay Area. When her dad was transferred with work, she moved to Nebraska, then Indiana. In Indiana, her Junior year of high school, she had a break out year in swimming which set her up for a swimming scholarship. From there, she went to swim at the Division 1 school Ball State University. (Chirp Chirp!) After graduating, she immediately moved back to her home in the Bay Area and has been there ever since.
Lauren has many years of fitness experience. As mentioned, she was a Division 1 swimmer, she also ran 10 years competitively, and she has played about every sport you can think of. As an adult, she has run foot races and competed in triathlons. She decided to go all in the fitness industry in 2013 when she left her 9-5 to pursue personal training and received her NASM CPT. One thing is for sure, she never looked back! Now with multiple certifications, and thousands of sessions and coaching hours under her belt, she is the go to person for crushing your goals.




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